2 become 1

i'm just not that interesting to have two blogs. i will be posting only on smalltownvintage from now on. check it out!


theme party: top that doughnut!

i love a nice theme party and reading about the doughnuts at the nickel diner gave me a great idea – a make your own doughnut (toppings) party! it sounds like it would be best in the fall/winter, as most of the toppings will probably be sticky icky in the summertime. can’t wait! start thinking of good toppings!

while we are talking theme parties – how great is this theme?

(image of the nickel diner bacon doughnut from potatomato)


anita o'day

fresh air recently replayed an interview from 1987 with jazz singer anita o’day. i went through a big jazz singer phase a few years ago and really liked anita’s music but never knew much about her. she’s pretty interesting and super hilarious in an “old broad” kind of way (she called terry “kid” a lot). i’m excited to see the documentary about her and read her autobiography.


julie & julia & dave

our favorite pizza blogger is back with julie & julia & dave



sounds so good!
(via unbreaded)


i’m runnin this like like like a circus

i uncovered a mountain of vintage red and orange circus-y children’s toys and decorations at the thrift store yesterday. seriously, tons of really strange and wonderful stuff. and this morning i found some more for sale on frecklwonder. how cute is this growth chart?


miserable men

instead of listening to miserable men on howard101 (i have standards. who knew?), i spent any non-robin’s news time on a recent roadtrip with just me & sirius listening to all of the awesome old school country stations. just me, merle, waylon and the mountains.


corn nails. corn. nails. corn nails.

the amazing marie got CORN NAILS! how amazing is that? reminds me that it is almost time for my annual watermelon pedicure (gotta wait until july 1st at least for full summer feel) and then that means it is also taco tote time!